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Orlando Sewer Repair has repaired and replaced sewer lines all over Florida. We are Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractors capable of handling all types of sanitary or storm water manhole and sewer line repairs. We specialize in cleaning, installing and repairing sewer lines including chemical grouting, lining and stabilization. We also provide smoke testing of manholes, lines and laterals for storm or sanitary sewer systems- and we perform the repairs! We also provide manhole and lift station jetting, cleaning, and repairs.


Operating 365 Days a YEAR


We can service your storm or sanitary sewer systems with repairs, pumping, cleaning not just the lines but the manholes jetted to assure a smooth flow of the water. If you need a new sewer line, lift station, grease trap or manhole installed, we can help you. We offer reliable service and the best prices on sewer system repairs and installations as well as plumbing and storm system repairs of all types. We have the equipment, personnel and experience for confined space entry and as needed to handle the job including pumper trucks, jet trailers, CCTV pipe inspection equipment and jet/vac trucks. We provide our customers with the best in 24 hour emergency sewer repair service at the best rates-call now! Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor #CFC1427156. Florida State Certified Mechanical Contractor #CMC1249306. Florida State Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor #CUC1224008.


Clogged Sewer Cleaning


A sewer line clog may be unseen, but the potential damage it can cause inside your home is unfathomable. Most home owners realize the sewer line transports waste from their home into the city's sewer line. After this process a sewer line becomes an afterthought until a clog happens.


Raw sewage can start to back up coming out of the drains; this can lead to an expensive pipe replacement or repair. Homeowners who recognize and respond quickly can help prevent sewer and plumbing issues. When you hear a gurgling noise from your drains or psychically see toilets back up that is a major red flag. Also a sewer clog can happen in the main sewer line and this is something you may not be able to see at first. Tree roots are a major culprit in sewer line clogs, they are attracted to the warmth of the sewer pipeline. The roots will then penetrate the pipe causing a major issue. Also female hygiene products, thick toilet paper, paper towels, and other foreign debris can wreak havoc to the system.


We have a fleet of industry leading equipment that is used for drain and sewer cleaning. Cloud 9 Services, Inc. is armed with video equipment which will allow us to collect data from the pipeline, and camera the system in real time.
The specialty tools our plumbers possess help them tackle any sewer line cleaning or repair. This allows us to be effective unclogging the drainage system saving you time and money. We use the best methods while cleaning the sewage system, and are prepared with years of experience for difficult clogs.


If you need an Orlando sewer cleaning because of a clog, act now and call Cloud 9 Services, Inc. (407) 481-2750! We are available 24 hours a day, and are Florida state certified, licensed, and insured! Make sure to ask about our FREE ESTIMATE!


Remaining the BEST


No matter the job, we will always provide our professional services to our customers. We are here for our customers and will answer there calls no matter the time of the day…emergency or a minor job, we will be there. We will always put our customers first and give them what they deserve, a company that will suite there needs no matter what. In the cases of emergencies, we will make sure we are there directly and in a timely fashion.

Call us anytime you need to have your sewers cleaned. We are there to help you with your needs!



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Found the number on Google, one call and there were on there way! Cloud 9 Services showed up gave a decent estimate and completed the work in a professional and timely manner.
James W.
CVS Orlando Manager
Excellent customer service and a job well done. Thanks Cloud 9!!!!
Robert C.
The technician was on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. The office staff was extremely helpful and customer oriented. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'd recommend Cloud 9 services to anyone.
Maddie C.
Ford Zone Manager Orlando